Thursday, 24 November 2011

{ one baby world }

papa bag and 3 receiving blankets bought at One Baby World store last weekend.they have lots of them (blankets) with so cute prints.but i had to refrain myself from the colour pink afraid that we might have a boy.huhu.
awesome shop!

Monday, 21 November 2011

{ DIY projects:the excited us }

Pi's working on his landscaping project.nice kan?hehe

Beep's framed doilies project

Thursday, 29 September 2011

My prayer

ya Allah
i pray that i will become a great mom
who can set a good example for my children
as a good muslim, human being, a role model
the one person that my children would turn to 
in their good or bad times
who always be remembered by my husband and my children
who will be the first person comes to their mind all day and night
always have Allah's blessings throughout my life 
every day and night

ameen ya Rabb

(hope it's not too much to ask)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Due Date

assalamualaikum .. this photo I snap without my wife knowing. Actually its on her calendar wall. So that is the due date, it could be earlier and rarely be later. Yet, we still don't really go shopping baby stuff since from the last scan, the doctor can't see the gender.

Nevertheless, for us it doesn't matter she or he, most importantly a healthy and cheerful one. :) InsyaAllah everything gonna be fine. Although this parenting feeling sometimes can be nervous, but InsyaAllah we will do the best to be the best parent in the world, at least for our kids.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

sharing session #1: what i use

1. blackmores pregnancy formula pills
2. eubos intimate wash
3. rosken stretch mark cream

i just started taking this blackmores pregnancy vitamins a month ago after i saw the advertisement in a magazine.saves all the hustle of consuming the vitamins provided by the clinic that i have to swallow all 4 pills individually.taking pills is one thing i don't like, let alone the pills come with unpleasant smell.that is why i love blackmores pregnancy formula, it contains all the minerals that you need for you and your baby inside :) .plus it also contains omega 3 which i intended to get a separate pill before i got to know abt this product.awesome

next is eubos feminine wash emulsion, also was seen in a magazine advert.some ppl might experience what i do now.more vaginal discharge that makes me itchy down i have been using eubos and it sure saves me from scratching.hehe.good product i must say.

last but not least, rosken stretch mark cream, which i bought early pregnancy, but never use it, because i don't have any stretch marks!-yet.hopefully it will never ever exist on my tummy.

so, that's all what i have to share.have a nice day!



assalamualaikum and hello everyone! we are pi & beep.thank you for visiting our newest blog.this blog has been created by Beep today as she suddenly felt the excitement of having one blog that could capture and keep every moment, story, etc of her newly married life, together with the loveliest husband in the world, Pi.and fyi, we're almost 30 weeks pregnant and expecting to deliver the baby by early Dec this year.yay.the excitement of the thought of becoming parents are overwhelming by now hence it has to be spilled somewhere, thus this blog was born.hehe.
let's not write a lengthy post for a start and just begin!
enjoy viewing and reading~